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Aluminum Casting

Aluminum casting is our core competence. Our aluminum casting techniques are leading the entire industry. We are able to manufacture cast aluminum rotors of various sizes, the largest cast aluminum rotor manufactured by us has an outer diameter of 1250mm, and we can guarantee the casting quality of each of our aluminum cage rotors, including aluminum filling rate, porosity factor.

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Squirrel Cage Rotor

Squirrel cage rotors are widely used in industrial motors. The squirrel cage motor is usually composed of a rotor lamination stack and a squirrel cage. The common squirrel cage materials are aluminum and copper.

Aluminum Squirrel Cage Rotor

The aluminum squirrel cage rotor is currently the most common squirrel cage rotor. There are two common manufacturing techniques for aluminum cage rotor. One is to melt the aluminum and inject it into the mold containing the rotor core, and the other is to install and weld the aluminum end rings and aluminum conductive bars to the rotor. In actual production, the former can greatly save production time and cost. At present, due to production costs, there are not many copper squirrel cage rotors produced by casting methods.

die cast al rotors and centrifugal cast al rotors

The rotors of many large industrial motors are designed into a double cage structure to improve the performance of the motor, which makes the casting more difficult. Yongrong has rich experience in casting double cage rotors. There are many factors that affect aluminum casting, such as the number of slots of the rotor, the length, and the outer diameter. Any tiny mistakes will cause unacceptable defects inside the casting. Our advanced technology and perfect process control capabilities have made us the best aluminum cage rotor manufacturer.

fi 1240mm cast aluminum rotor

Quality Control

Weighing is the basic method to inspect the quality of cast aluminum rotors, and the actual filling rate of aluminum can be obtained by calculation. However, even a rotor with a qualified aluminum filling rate does not 100% indicate that the quality of the bars are qualified. Therefore, we will use an X-ray inspection system to check the porosity of the end ring. By comprehensively calculating the weight of the aluminum casting and the porosity of the end ring, the quality of the rotor conductive bars can be inferred.

hv motor cast Al rotor


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