Our customers and suppliers help us continue to grow, and we also try our best to make them better. We maintain a good and upright working relationship with customers and suppliers.

High-quality raw materials are the foundation of product quality, high-performance machines guarantee the stability of our production process. We purchase silicon steel from the best steel mills in China, such as Baowu Group, TISCO, Shougang Group, Ansteel, etc. We welcome machining equipment manufacturers to provide us with advanced equipment.

As a reliable partner that focused on stamping, assemble, and casting, we have established a good collaborative relationship with the world’s top motor companies. Our main customers include Siemens, Bombardier, Wolong Group, DEC, XEMC, CRRC, CSSC, etc. Merely providing parts is not what we are after, we help our customers manufacture motors with better quality and performance. Our continuously improving production technique has reduced customers’ purchasing costs and helped them accomplish things that were impossible before. Nowadays, motors made with Yongrong’s iron core are driving economic development in the fields of rail transit, nuclear energy, mining, and wind power.

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