Stator Core

The manufacture of the stator core is to stack the laminations together according to the requirements of the drawings. To manufacture high-quality iron cores, qualified laminations, excellent lamination stacking technique and strict process control are indispensable.


The precision of the fixture directly affects the quality of the stator core; the protection of the stator during the welding process is also very important, if molten steel during welding splashes into the stator slot, it will affect the winding process.

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Stator Core Stacking

The stacking process is not just a simple building block. In this process, the fixture and slot alignment bar are key factors. Some fixtures use several steel bars to form a circle whose I.D. is the O.D. of the stator core. After the stator laminations and vent plates are placed in the fixture, use the slot alignment bar to make all the components neatly arranged. The mandrel with the corresponding diameter is a better fixture, which can minimize the deviation of each lamination while they are being pressed by a hydraulic press.

The silicon steel roll that the laminations are stamped from often have variation from one side of the lamination to the other, the stacking process will accumulate this variation, as a consequence, the motor cores will gradually bend, we called that thickness difference. However, our 20-years experience in core stacking allows us to manufacture high-quality stator cores at a lower cost and faster speed.

The welding process is a good way to ensure the solidity of the stator core, our highly skilled technicians and advanced equipment are the guarantees of our service quality. We can also stack the lamination by backlack technique. Finished stator cores ready to be wound are delivered to your workshop after rigorously inspected.


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