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motor design

Our vision

The first electric motor and the first generator were invented 100 years ago, and people are still constantly improving the efficiency of the them. To improve the efficiency of motors, we always start in the theoretical and design perspective, but the manufacturing process of motors is equally important. The former determines the upper limit of motor performance, and the latter determines the lower limit of motor performance.

The cornerstones of the motor are the stator and rotor, and our vison is to make the cornerstones stronger.

Our Value

Our value is to continuously reduce all unnecessary waste and create more value for our customers and employees.

In terms of motor lamination and motor stator and rotor core manufacturing, the continuous reduction of unnecessary waste can be divided into two major directions.

1. Continuously optimizing the manufacturing process can reduce the production of scraps, which will reduce our and our customers’ production costs.

2. Our continuous optimization of the manufacturing technology is to further reduce the iron core loss of the motor. For the industrial motor that does not stop for a long time, every little efficiency improvement will make the motor save a lot of power during its entire working life.

Supplier & Client

We are now one of the best motor core and lamination manufacturers in the world, our quest for perfection is relentless.

High-quality raw materials are the foundation of product quality. We purchase raw materials from the best steel mills in China, such as Baowu Group, TISCO, Shougang Group, Ansteel, etc. Each roll of material will be strictly inspected and tracked when it is put into warehouse.

As a reliable partner, we have established a good cooperative relationship with the world’s top motor companies. Our main customers include Siemens, Bombardier, Wolong Group, DEC, XEMC, CRRC, CSSC, etc.

Yongrong Character

As a professional manufacturer of motor laminations and iron cores, YONGRONG POWER focuses on providing customers with the most suitable production plan. We can formulate the most suitable production plan for our customers to achieve a balance in terms of delivery time, quality and price.

  • stamping die manufacturing

    Eliminating waste is one of our most valued business philosophy, the essence of which is to continuously improve production efficiency and resource utilization. For the manufacturing industry, every increase in efficiency will save a lot of resources and costs. As a professional iron core production expert, our goal is to continuously provide customers with better quality products at a lower cost.

  • cast aluminum rotor inspection

    Excellent design needs to be implemented with sufficiently advanced manufacturing technology. Yongrong Power has been deeply involved in the manufacture of aluminum core rotors for many years, and has made mass production of aluminum core rotors for large high-voltage motors possible with low-cost casting methods.


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