Rotary Notching

Rotary notching is one of our core competencies. It’s quite a good and economical choice for medium & large size motor lamination production.

At present, the outer diameter of the largest punching sheet we produce is as high as 1250mm, which is currently the largest width of silicon steel coil. In order to offset the tooth harmonics during the operation of the motor, the slots of the stator core or rotor core are often designed to be skewed, rotary notching is very suitable for the production of this type of motor lamination, which is quite useful for the designs of large size motors.

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Working Principle

In the process of rotary notching, the tool only cuts one slot on the round sheet at one time, which means that the total number of cuts is equal to the number of slots on the lamination. All of our CNC rotary notching press have a high precision positioning system and indexer, which can control every action of the machine and allows us to produce some very special laminations

Application & Cost

Rotary notching is very suitable for low-to-medium volume production or prototype development, the tool cost of it is quite low. Its production speed is relatively slow, and the time to produce a lamination varies from a few seconds to tens of seconds. However, more than half of our CNC presses are equipped with automated production systems. These devices can greatly reduce production costs while ensuring production speed.

Usually, there are not too many types of slots on the stator or rotor lamination, and each slot needs a specific tool to stamp. Even so, the overall cost of the tool is very low. The production time of the mold is only one to two days.


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