Compound Stamping

Compound stamping outputs a complete motor lamination in one action, some more complicated PM motor rotor laminations may need to be stamped twice. Undoubtedly, laminations produced by compound stamping have good flatness and concentricity, and the production rate is also very fast. It’s quite a good choice for medium-to-large volume production, although the cost of the tool is not cheap, when the cost is allocated to each motor lamination, the compound stamping solution seems to be both efficient and economical.

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Compound Stamping Motor Lamination

Obviously, compound stamping is suitable for the medium size motor laminations, therefore, the size of the die is relatively large, and the entire die is fixed between the piston and the base of the press. The round sheet is stamped into a lamination in an instant, and the entire feeding and output process can be operated by automated system or worker. Its operating speed is much faster than rotary notching speed.

Compound stamping is very suitable with automated feeding and output systems, which can maximize the capacity of the press and greatly improve production efficiency. More than half of our compound stamping presses have been matched with automated systems.

Application & Cost

The production capacity of compound stamping depends on the performance of the punching machine and the size of the base (for installing the mold). Compared with rotary notching, the cost of compound die is times higher.


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