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The tool is the core component of the stamping process. It determines the quality of the lamination and is crucial to the control of burrs. To make high-quality molds, high-quality raw materials and precision cutting machines are essential. Our company has the most advanced slow-moving wire cutting equipment, which is costly but is well worth the outlay.

Casting mold is one of the key factors of aluminum casting. We make exclusive moulds according to customers’ requirements, which greatly reduces material costs for customers while ensuring quality.

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Compared with laser cutting, stamping is undoubtedly the most cost-effective way to mass-produce motor laminations, but if the total number of products in an order is not high enough, the proportion of tool/mold cost to the total cost may become too high.

Our rotary notching mold is very cost-effective. But when the customers want to make a large motor lamination and the tolerance requirements are very strict, a blanking die and shaft hole die are necessary, the cost of these molds is high.

We have a large number of stamping and stacking dies available for use. Please contact us to get more details.

progressive stamping die


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