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Electrical Steel

Electrical steel generally refers to silicon steel. The electrical steel we used are from BAOWU STEEL, SHOUGANG GROUP, TISCO, ANSTEEL, which has the best quality in China.

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The main indexes for the performance of silicon steel are: 1. low iron loss, which is the most important index of the quality of silicon steel sheet.Each country is graded according to the iron loss value. The lower the iron loss, the higher the grade. 2. High magnetic induction intensity (magnetic induction) under strong magnetic field, which reduces the volume and weight of the iron core of the motor and transformer, and saves silicon steel sheet, copper wire and insulating materials. 3. The surface is smooth, smooth and the thickness is uniform, which can improve the filling coefficient of the iron core. 4. The surface insulation film has good adhesion and weldability, and can prevent corrosion and improve the property.


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