Vent Plate

Vent plate, also known as spacer lamination or finger plate, divides the iron cores into several parts, the ventilation channels between the various parts can promote the heat generated while the motor is running to dissipate faster. Generally, the Stator and rotor of medium-to-high voltage motors need vent plates, the rotor with vent plate can only be cast aluminum by centrifugal casting. A reasonably designed vent plate can save the material cost of the motor&generator while ensuring the heat dissipation effect.

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Although it's the motor manufacturer's job to design the vent plate, our years of production experience make us qualified to give advice on the design and production of the vent plate. Many vent plates are fabricated from base lamination and I-beam. Silicon steel, stainless steel, and ordinary carbon steel are common base lamination materials. The I-beam and base lamination are fixed together by spot welding.

vent plate spot welding process

The I-beam can be replaced by the flat bar, which can be riveted into the base lamination. Compared with ordinary carbon steel or stainless steel, base lamination made of silicon steel can slightly improve the performance of the motor. Some motor manufacturers require painting the vent plate to improve the performance of the motor. The size of the base lamination is often the same as or smaller than the size of the corresponding lamination, and it can be produced by stamping or laser cutting.


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